DIE CUTTING 2016 BF 1000

No longer available

DIE CUTTING 2016 BF 1000


BF 1000 die cutting

Year 2016

MIN. SHEET SIZE mm 600×900  

MAX. SHEET SIZE mm 760×1.060             

REGISTER PRECISION mm ± 0,03             

GRIPPER MARGIN  mm 15         

MIN. SPEED (SPH) 5.000              

MAX. SPEED (SPH) 14.000          

DIMENSIONS mt 8,3×3,0x2,0h

Jogger device for aligning the sheets of paper before cutting

Automatic programmable sheets counter

Plier that clamps the sheets of paper counted

Rollers that remove the air between the sheets

Little press, allows the arrival of the longitudinal pliers, keeping the sheets counted in the correct position, before the clamp of the lateral plier

Die-cutting press

Quick die-change system, facilitating the operator’s work

Die-cut labels’ ejector group, with male/female devices

Rotating plier for the scraps waste

Multiperforated tables with centering pins

Stored program control, with touch screen video


ManufacturerBF 1000