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Model: KBA RA 75E 6 L ALV (6 color plus lack )

Ref. nr: 844

Mio Imp: 113 mio

Year: 2011

6 colours

Format: 65x 75

Size Max 605 x 750 Size Min. 330x330 Speed/mach. max 16.000 c/h, Print Material from 0,04 a 0,8 mm Colortronic Automatic plate change Tower Lack with Harrys & Bruno Extendend delivery Machine eleveted 1.150 mm. Refrigeration Combined for Dampening and inking Technotrans Antistatic Simco in feeder Double Electronic sheet control Blanket washing device All washing device Preset Non Stop in feeder and delivery Powder Sprayer Grafix Punching and Benders IR Dryer and hot air in delivery Extra rollers Machine available immediately

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Model: 804-6-6

Ref. nr: 828

Mio Imp: nd

Year: 1985

6 colours

Format: 100 x 140

Machine 5 colors + Lack Thesis ( installed new in 2007) RCI 2 with cassette Rolandmatic Machine visible in production Blanket washer device Baldwin Ionomat Weko Powder Spray IR Giradina + Air Knife Sheetdecurler Baldwin Quick action clamps Automix Technotrans refrigerator Superblue Ionizzer Fush + Kersten Suction Square with Photocells Gripper and Wagen rebuilt in 2012 New rollers

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