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Model: R 705 PLV

Ref. nr: 1043

Year: 2002

Formato: 72 x 102 cm

Select Antistatic ionization, make Kersten for feeder Color regulation – Densitometry CCI Color Contamination Check CCC PowderSystem Grafix Hitronic S PPL (Power Plate Loading) Inking unit temperature control Combination device for inking unit temperature control and dampening solution cooling device type “beta.c” make TECHNOTRANS Perfecting 2/3 Alcosmart Impression cylinder wash-up device, brush type in the printing units and in the coating unit Automatic inking roller wash-up and blanket wash-up, brush type Quickstart LCS-Low Coverage Stabilization DELTA_Effect to remove objects from the plate Dedicated Coating Unit after the 5th P.U. with extention Delivery “AirGlide” Roland Seccomatic IR/TL Dryer with 4 segments a two IR-beamers (48 KW), TL-dryer with 12 jet nozzles (36 KW), automatic pile temp. control and exhaust system Centralized oil change for the entire machine PECOM press center PressLink